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Radicals, resistance, and revenge, the left's plot to remake America, Judge Jeanine Pirro - pbk

Donald Trump's presidency has been under siege from the Left and its Deep State fellow travelers who have concocted an outrageous case of conspiracy with Russia to keep Trump from securing America's borders, reviving the nation's economy, and restoring our constitutional republic. Pirro's keen analysis reveals the anti-Trump conspirators' corrupt methods and possible crimes, warning patriotic Americans before it is too late. -- adapted from jacket
Table Of Contents
Here's my open -- They can lie, but they can't stop Trump from winning -- Revenge off the rails the resistance attacks Barr -- Rats desert the ship -- Open season on conservatives -- The Democrat clown car -- Home alone in the White House -- Invasion at the border -- The radicals' revenge : now they're getting down right nasty -- Resisting reality media madness -- The radicals' attack on life itself -- Ghosting conservatives -- In closing
Literary Form
non fiction
First edition.
Physical Description
310 pages, 24 cm

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