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Propaganda & misinformation, [compiled by Grey House Publishing] - hardcover

Table Of Contents
1. The story of untruth ; Defining propaganda and misinformation -- The history of "fake news" in America / Karen Yuan and Matt Peterson, The Atlantic -- "Disinformation" is the word of the year -- and a sign of what's to come / Geoff Nunerg, NPR -- How Woodrow Wilson's propaganda machine changes American journalism / Christopher B. Daly, The Conversation -- What the pope gets wrong about fake news / Jack Shafer, Politico -- Nineteenth-century nihilists foretold our era / Robert Zaretsky, Foreign Affairs -- A short guide to the history of "fake news" and disinformation / Julie Posetti and Alice Matthews, International Center for Journalists -- 2. Our current media environments ; Fake news, the coronavirus, and the 2020 election -- NPR Poll: Majority of Americans believe Trump encourages election interference / Brett Neely, NPR -- Trump's favorite tabloid worried its Saudi propaganda was as bad as it looked / Bess Levin, Vanity Fair -- CNN vs. Fox: why these two cable networks can't stop talking about each other / Paul Farhi, The Washington Post -- Social media struggles to counter coronavirus misinformation / Emily Birnbaum and Chris Mills Rodrigo, The Hill -- Clinton backer at Facebook debunks Clinton claims / James Freeman, The Wall Street Journal -- The propagandist and the censor / Andrew Stuttaford, National Review -- 3. The effects of propaganda ; The subtle influence of misinformation -- Why do people fall for fake news? / Gordon Pennycook and David Rand, The New York Times -- Why the hysteria around the "Fake news epidemic" is a distraction / Cas Mudde, The Guardian -- The myth of the echo chamber / Elizabeth Dubois and Grant Blank, The Conversation -- The real consequences of fake news / Dominik Stecula, The Conversation -- Echo chambers may not be as dangerous as you think, new study finds / Science Daily -- 4. Big tech and the new AI ; AI, bots and regulation -- Not your father's bots / Sarah Kreps and Miles McCain, Foreign Affairs -- Google's algorithm isn't biased, it's just not human / Noam Cohen, Wired -- Why the fight against disinformation, sham accounts and trolls won't be any easier in 2020 / Alexandre S. Levine, Nancy Scola, Steven Overly and Cristiano Lima, Politico -- The information war is on: are we ready for it? / Renee Diresta, Wired -- Detecting fake news at its source / Adam Conner-Simons, MIT News -- We're fighting fake news AI bots by using more AI: That's a mistake / Samuel Woolley, MIT Technology Review -- How social networks set the limits of what we can say online / Tarleton Gillespie, Wired -- 5. Navigating misinformation ; Ways to combat fake news -- SPJ Code of Ethics / Society of Professional Journalists -- How to help kids navigate fake news and misinformation online / Joanne Orlando, The Conversation -- A college reading list for the post-truth era / Michael T. Nietzel, Forbes -- 10 Journalism brands where you find real facts rather than alternative facts / Paul Glader, Forbes - Fact checkers say these are the best fact-checks they did during this decade / Cristina Tardaguila, The Poynter Institute
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non fiction
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xv, 177 pages, illustrations, 25 cm.

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