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The Stalin revolution, foundations of Soviet totalitarianism., Edited and with an introd. by Robert V. Daniels

Table Of Contents
Deutscher, I. The leader and the party -- Erlich, A. The problem of industrial development -- Daniels, R. V. The struggle with right opposition -- Bauer, R. A. Ideological revision -- Stalin, J. The socialist drive -- Nove, A. Economics and personality -- Gordon, M. The fate of the workers -- Lewin, M. Collectivization: the reasons -- Fainsod, M. Collectivization: the method -- Dallin, D. J. The return of inequality -- Counts, G. S. The repudiation of experiment -- Brown, E. J. The mobilization of culture -- Bukharin, N. The crackdown on the party -- Khrushchev, N. S. The The cult of personality -- Billington, J. H. The legacy of Russian history -- Schlesinger, R. The logic of the revolution -- Ponomaryov, B. N. Fulfilling the Leninist plan -- Trotsky, L. Soviet Bonapartism -- Friedrich, C. J. and Brzezinski, Z. K. The model of totalitarianism -- Medvedev, R. A. The social basis of Stalinism -- Suggestions for further reading (p. 230-233)
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non fiction
Second dition
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xviii, 233 pages, illustrations, 21 cm.

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